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June blood glucose control - big success

Big month: I got back on an insulin pump, with a new Minimed Paradigm 722.

I also tried the 4-5 day Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) trial, in which my blood sugars were recorded every 5 minutes for 4.5 days straight, enabling me to see what actually happens to my blood glucose in response to food (different kinds of foods), sleeping, waking, and exercise. We were able to see and quantify exactly the big jumps in blood glucose when I a) ate wheat, b) exercised, c) woke up. We were able to confirm that my BG stayed steady while I slept.

Anyway, my important numbers, from my public google spreadsheet:


I thought my whole month blew up when my 'system' crashed on June 27th. On that day, I changed infusion sets. Immediately after changing and for a couple hours subsequent, I went hypoglycemic. This indicates insulin is flowing successfully from the new infusion set, but I have injected too much insulin.
Then something mysterious happened, and the infusion site seems to have shut down: my BG shot upward as if I had zero insulin AND stress acting on me. I started taking corrective boluses... and hours went by as I waited too long to confirm they weren't working. I ended up recording two BGs over 300 (one was 351). Fearing the pump had a problem (tubing?), I started injecting APIDRA ultra-fast insulin from a pen. One of those heinous coincidences -- the pen also failed to work, and I was unable to see that it didn't work.

In sum: the pump infusion of insulin stopped in an unpredictable and undetectable way (normally, failures are immediately perceptible). Then, my attempts to correct failed, but I couldn't get immediate feedback of the failure, it was also undetected. Finally, I resorted to an outside. usually foolproof system... and this injection failed TWICE. During this time, I'd spent 1/3 of the day severely hypoglycemic, then 1/3 of the day severely hypERglycemic (high blood sugar) and absolutely miserable from it.

(Among symptoms: severely bad mood, peevish and angry, which I was aware of, but nonetheless the suffering and experiencing of it was potent.)

As a result, my numbers got badly screwed up in that one day. Otherwise, June has been a wonderful month, and very probably the best control I've experienced since I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic 15 years ago.

AVG BG and STDEV to June 12
I'm on the 12th day of June, with an Average Blood Glucose of 108.95 and a Standard Deviation of 47.86.

About June 1st, I wrote:
Here's the beauty: AVG = 93.7777
And the beast: STD DEV = 54.577
...which will only grow larger, unfortunately.

In fact I did much better in June than I had reason to expect. I'm very happy about this.

My goal, now, is to persist in this hypervigilance.

Back in May, I was fantasizing about how Type 1 diabetic youth could have, for example, their characters in MMORPG, Second Life, the Sims, etc, be diabetics --- and integrate their scoring on blood glucose control with their characters' success and capacities. This woud be easy to setup, and bring the same kind of hypervigilance to their real-life health and even survival.
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