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The Hunter-Gatherer


June 1st.

Today was our second wedding anniversary. Life for Tash and I has gotten better and better, and better.

Also, Mischka's birthday.

We started buying what is reputed to be one of the top-three dog foods in the world for her a few months ago. It sits, unused. She eats cuts of meat from the meals Tash prepares, she eats raw chicken, raw pork, raw beef. Clients bring her bones and pigs' ears. We often put cheese and raw eggs on top of her food. Her behavior has changed in the last couple months -- she is increasingly submissive, eager to pleae, always concerned about what we want her to do and how to pleae us. If we signal discipline, she obeys immediately. Sometimes she'll try to hide something from us, but at the same time trying to ingratiate herself.

Today: very early workout. Workouts for clients today included tabata sprints on a local track; Diane (deadlifts and handstand pushups); tabata sled pulls; overhead carries with intermittent clean-and-jerks.

* * * *
I looked a fitness gym's sales manager straight in the eye and with the same overly-serious tone seen in my writing here, I said,

"Cholesterol in your diet does not cause nor correlate with blood serum cholesterol levels. And blood cholesterol does not correlate with, nor does it cause, heart disease. We've known this to be true for decades, the data has always been clear and has never suggested otherwise."

* * * *
Tash and I swam in the pool, in the dark, tonight. I love the turquoise water lights and the stars overhead. If you translate this, it's equivalent to "walks on the beach in moonlight." Every bit as cliche and as true as any pain you felt today; deal with it.

She cooked a beef roast and salyodka pod shuboi, our favorite salad and possibly the best meal on earth. And another big dish of edamame. I'd already had champagne; Tash doesn't drink alcohol.

Oh, and safeway's ice cream is better than Breyer's. The chocolate moose tracks is to die for. We also love the chocolate chip cookie dough, but Tash took a break from it this week, we picked up some butter pecan.
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