The Hunter-Gatherer (faustin) wrote,
The Hunter-Gatherer

vision, lost and found

For several weeks we thought that the diabetes had put me down particularly hard.

On April 1st I woke up with my vision blurry, and the blurriness didn't go away.

As of the last two days, my sight is nearly back to normal; I tested at an ophthalmologist's with 20/20 again today, which is a little better than what I'm actually seeing. The appointment was actually scheduled to remove a chalazion, an inflamed sweat gland in my eyelid.

Diagnosis was difficult because only one of my eyes works properly. End of March, I was working underneath a citrus tree, sawing branches, and I got sawdust in my eyes, particularly my right eye which is my sighted eye.

It took a while before I suspected the sawdust and the vision loss a few days later.

A confluence of circumstances made this case difficult: 1) only one good eye, so what seemed to be general vision loss was only vision loss in one eye; (Something which I could suspect, but ophtalmologists had difficulty seeing for themselves) 2) the blurry vision varied, sometimes approaching extreme blurriness, an astigmatism causing blurriness similar to 20/400 (apples and oranges, except for the experience of blurriness), sometimes I could read enlarged text; 3) the blurriness did not follow the pattern of astigmatism you would expect from the pressure of a chalazion on the cornea.

So it was actually variation in my blood sugars, causing variation in osmotic pressure in my lens, impinged by the chalazion which was directly center and on the top of my cornea, causing my sometimes extremely blurred vision. This was a pattern only I could infer.

Anyway, today I was able to read a book with normal text without reading glasses.

It was extremely scary, fearing for a few weeks that I was losing my vision.

While my vision went bad, I comforted myself in that, while I could not see details, I could still see movement well. So I could still track my clients' technique in performances; it was only detailed resolution that was lost.
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