The Hunter-Gatherer (faustin) wrote,
The Hunter-Gatherer

20 hours of normal

It's too soon to really get my hopes up, but for the past 20 hours I have achieved near perfect blood sugar control.

I made one small change in technique, on the insistence of a diabetic educator I met with yesterday.

I have been doing all my injections in the same smallish areas for years. I have thick lumps of scar tissue there. I also have fat there, which is why I do the injections there -- everywhere else on my body, the muscle is too close to the skin.

The assertion is that scar tissue has *certainly* been impeding the absorption of my insulin. And by my own documentation, a common complaint is that insulin escapes back out the injection point, due to scar tissue.

It's only been 20 hours, but I have NEVER achieved a string of perfect blood sugars like this. For delicious irony, I was also fitted with a CGMS yesterday, in this appointment with Grace.

My first ever CGMS -- what I've dreamed of since 1996. It will measure my blood glucose on a continuous basis for at least 2.5-3 days, to let us see in detail all the fluctuations that I'm not able to see while sticking my fingers to measure my blood sugar every couple hours.

All of this is really exciting, but so far 20 hours and counting of perfect blood sugar control... that's, in my experience, miraculous.
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