The Hunter-Gatherer (faustin) wrote,
The Hunter-Gatherer

blood glucose control update

April-May 2009: average BG = 156.9, STD DEV = 75.5

June 2009: average BG = 112, STD DEV = 58.8

July 2009: average BG = 126.5, STD DEV = 66.2

average daily total of injected insulin: 54.5 units

Motivationally, I'm an absolute wreck right now. I have near zero direction or discipline and can barely keep myself going.

Blood sugars have been rollercoastering, with multiple weekly extremes in the 36-38 range. Only one of these had severe mental breakdown symptoms --- I felt myself falling down a slippery slope into a dark pit, realized what was happening too late, was clawing at the sides and finally made the consciousness explicit: "Oh no this is a sever hypo, quick get up and save yourself", and severe physical weakness and pain hit right at the same time -- and I actually did it, I walked to the kitchen and started eating a frozen juice concentrate. I thought Tash saved me, but in fact she found me in the kitchen incoherent but doing the right things. I couldn't remember most of that period, some of it came back though.

Too much of the day I'm listless. I'm not sure what I can do to force myself back on track. Workouts have been sporadic, though I just had a period of 3 workouts in 4 days that were pretty decent. My shoulder is injured which precludes most everything I want to do, so all I did was running and rowing.
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