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The Worship of Questions

a knight in the service of curiosity

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The Hunter-Gatherer
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I fill the unforgiving minute

with sixty seconds worth of distance run

I'm a CrossFit trainer; I run CrossFit Litchfield Park with my wife, Natasha. I update my workout log pretty often. My favorite metrics include 400 meter runs, deadlifts, overhead squats, kettlebell snatches, front squats, shoulder presses, pullups, Clean & Jerk, and CrossFit workouts like Grace and Nancy.

I love CrossFit because it enables me to give the most direct and efficient improvement to people's lives. The improvement is not a matter of subjective opinion: it is experienced on all levels of a person's being and experience, affecting who they are and everything they do.

My Blood Glucose Log as a Google spreadsheet, the headers of columns E and F are standard deviation and average blood sugar.

A stout heart sings in the fray with fate
And the shock and sweat are good.

--- Badger Clark, "The Westerner"

'Take what you want,' said God,
'And pay for it.' --- Spanish Proverb

The only easy day was yesterday.

Behavioral science is not for sissies.
--- Steven Pinker

There is only one aristocracy,
the aristocracy of passionate souls.

--- Oscar Wilde

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep...

--- Robert Frost

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